Pulling and Clamping tools to Make Your Job Easier!

Standard Pipe Elevator - Available in 1", 11/4", 11/2", and 2". This is a high quality pipe elevator that lifts on the coupler or bell end of the drop pipe. These elevators can be used on steel or ridged pvc drop pipe. Made out of hot rolled steel with large hook opening & smooth insertion slot for easy use. Quickly twist on to drop pipe and lift, when lifting line is released elevator will easily slid down so you can twist off and on to the next section. A full set of these are a must on any well service truck.

Standard 1" well pipe elevator lifting 4000 pound test weight
Standard 1" Elevator
Here is our Standard 1" well pipe elevator lifting a 3,970 pound concrete tank. This is with a 1" galvanized merchant coupler on schedule 40 steel pipe.

 All of our products have been tested in real life situations by our own well repairmen for 3 generations.

We know from experience that the tools you use need to be built to the highest standards for safety and productivity.

Our Standard elevators will hold up to the use and abuse of your serviceman on a daily basis & last a lifetime with proper care. With our full line of pipe lifting devises we are sure we will have the right type for our job.

Pipe Elevator Well Pipe Puller
The Pipe Dog Elevator is for pulling or setting steel drop pipe from a well. This unit will pull or set 3/4" to 2" pipe. The single essentric automatically tightens more the harder it is pulled on. If there was ever just one elevator you could keep on your well service vehicle this would be the one. This is the most proven pipe elevator in the well industry and has been used for years by farmers, ranchers, and well repairmen.

Well Pipe Evevator

Quick Set Elevator - All Types of drop pipe can be lifted with this dual eccentric elevator. Now you only need one elevator, when you have lifted the drop pipe just allow the elevator to slide down and grab the next piece of pipe. The dual eccentric design makes the elevator grip tighter as the load increases but the machined radius eccentrics will not crush the pipe. Even poly can be handled with this elevator. 3 sizes to choose from.

Pulling poly well pipe
Pulling 1" poly pipe
Pulling well drop pipe
Pulling 1 14/" drop pipe
pulling submersible well pump
Setting 1 1/4" drop pipe